Animal instinct says this pet food is better.
Science agrees.


Your pal is designed by nature to need natural raw protein for energy and strength.

But serving up raw doesn’t have to be messy and time consuming, because we’ve made it easy.

Animals Like Us is high protein meat and vegetable baked biscuits, supercharged with chunks of premium, freeze-dried raw meat and organs. Your pet will love the added raw taste and raw digestibility. After all, it is what they are meant to eat.

Raw delivers more

dog doing weights

protein power

Not all protein is equal.

It’s scientifically proven that protein absorption from raw protein is significantly higher than processed protein found in cooked or canned diets.1

Combine that with naturally higher protein levels in raw diets and you have a supercharged effect. More protein, working harder for your dog.

Our chunks of freeze-dried raw ingredients have locked in those super protein structures, delivering a powerful boost in every bowl.

1. Buff, P., Carter, R., Bauer, J. & Kersey, J. Natural pet food: A review of natural diets and their impact on canine and feline physiology. Journal of animal science 92, doi:10.2527/jas.2014-7789 (2014).



It’s good news for healthy poos!

Conventional heat processing of pet food reduces the availability of proteins and amino acids such as lysine.1 This makes it harder for your pal to digest and absorb.

In contrast, freeze-dried raw preserves these links and helps your pal digest more of the nutrition in their food.
Because they’ve absorbed more nutrition, there’s less out the other end. Meaning smaller, less smelly poos for you!2


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Dogs crave raw meat.

Dogs are naturally drawn to food with high concentrations of proteins and amino acids.1

They can taste the nutrition in the food, which is why they crave the goodness of raw meat and organs.

Our freeze-drying process locks in that natural nutrition and taste, creating lip-licking raw morsels with every bite.

1. Bradshaw, J. W. S. Sensory and experiential factors in the design of foods for domestic dogs and cats. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 50, 99-106, doi:10.1079/pns19910015 (1991).

A little goes a long way!

Freeze-drying effectively locks in nutrition, with over 98% of the raw nutritional value retained. The process also removes the heavy moisture in the meat, meaning the final product only weighs 20% of its original state!

This means your pal needs a little less Animals Like Us than regular food. You can calculate this using our feeding calculator.


How our food is made


About ALU

How did Animals Like Us start?
Animals Like Us was launched in October 2020 by Jeremy Moon and Rob Achten. We’re a privately New Zealand owned and operated company with our headquarters based in sunny Hawke’s Bay. We source our ingredients sustainably from around New Zealand and bring it all together in our Hawkes Bay Kitchen.

Why was Animals Like Us created?
Our founders believe in good, natural food for our pets and were disappointed at what was accessible and commonly available on shelves.  So they decided to take matters into their own hands! You can read our full background on our About Us page.

How to feed your dog

How much should I feed my dog?
Please refer to our feeding guideline to calculate the right portion size for your dog

How often should I feed my dog?
If your dog prefers breakfast, lunch and dinner – no worries! You can feed your dog multiple times per day, simply split the amount listed on the feeding guidelines by the number of times you are feeding.

Can I deviate from the feeding guidelines?
Our feeding guidelines are only estimates based on your dog’s life stage and weight; it’s important to monitor your dog and ensure they’re having a complete and fulfilling meal and aren’t becoming underweight or overweight.

How do I switch to your food?
It’s important to slowly transition your dog from their current diet, as it takes a few days for their gut to adapt to our nutrient rich food. Please follow the transition guide on our packaging or on our website. Please remember, while switching to our food, your pet may experience loose stools – if this happens, it should pass naturally in a day or so.

Should I give water with your food?
Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial components of your dog’s health; almost three quarters of your dog’s body is composed of water. This is why it’s incredibly important that you make fresh clean water available to your dog at all times. You don’t need to add it to the food, but you can if you wish.  Some dogs also prefer a bit of water mixed in, making a meaty gravy to lap up!

Can I heat your food?
Heating our food isn’t harmful, but it will result in your dog not receiving the health benefits (such as beneficial enzymes) present in raw uncooked food.

Can I feed your food to my puppy or senior dog?
Yes, our food is designed to be a complete and balanced diet for all breeds and all life stages.  Our only exclusion is for puppies that will grow to be large or giant breeds over 70lb as an adult (they have special requirements).  Please use our feeding guideline to calculate the precise diet for your pet.

Can your food be fed to pets with allergies?
While our food is not specifically formulated for pets with allergies, you may notice that many of the allergens present in commercial kibble or canned pet foods are not present in our food.

Many of our recipes are also designed to be single ingredient (our treats) or from a single protein source, so if your dog is on a limited ingredient diet, we have a great range of solutions.

If your pet is sensitive to allergens, we recommend that you check the ingredient list on the food’s packaging first.

Our food

Why do we use raw?
Our philosophy mirrors the foods our animals have evolved to eat, incorporating a nourishing balance of fresh raw meat, organs, vegetables & fruits (for fiber) in ratios that deliver nutrients naturally, in highly bio-available forms – so there’s no need for long lists of synthetic additives.

What are the key benefits of an Animals Like Us diet?

  • Palatability: Dogs go crazy for our recipes. Independent testing shows best in class palatability.
  • Digestive Health: Good news for healthy poos! Our blends of high-protein raw meats, combined with vitamins and fiber, keeps things moving, naturally.
  • Skin health & shiny coats: Natural oils and omega fatty acids encourage healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • Healthy hips & joints: Contains naturally occurring glucosamine which supports healthy hips & joints.
  • Increased vitality & energy levels: Meat & organs support muscle growth, stamina & vitality.

Where is our food made?
Everything we can source in New Zealand, we do! All the protein is from right here; our grass-fed lamb, beef and cage-free chicken are sourced from ethical kiwi farms, and our ocean fish is from sustainable fisheries here in New Zealand. Key vegetables like peas and carrots are also sourced locally. We source a small number of ingredients that are not available here, such as minerals and vitamin supplements, internationally, and a few veges like tapioca.

How is our food made?
We use fresh raw wholefood natural ingredients, which are freeze-dried, then gently heated (75°C/ 167°F) for safety. The innovative process gently removes the moisture and locks in all the nutritional goodness.

Who formulated your recipes?
We worked closely with animal scientists at AgResearch and Massey University who share our philosophy that a natural raw diet is nutritionally superior to a processed diet such as kibble-only.

Is your food nutritionally balanced & complete?
Our RawMix50™ and Meal / Mixer recipes meet (or exceed where beneficial) AAFCO requirements for nutritionally complete pet food for all breeds and all life stages.

Why does your food sometimes look different?
Because the ingredients we use are natural, they sometimes differ between batches, lots, or harvests. Think about carrots growing in a home garden – no two are going to be exactly the same. This variation carries over to our food and is a visual indication of how natural our food is.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried food?
Freeze-drying allows many of the vitamins and minerals present in raw food to be preserved, meaning that a pet can receive nutritional benefits from them as they would in the wild. The flavour of raw meat is also preserved in the freeze-drying process, which makes it highly appealing to animals, as they are biologically wired to love that taste. Finally, freeze-dried food is convenient to serve; it does not have to be refrigerated or frozen to maintain its quality and flavour.

Why does your product contain organ meat?
Organ meats are packed with nutrients such as Vitamin D (essential for immune systems), omega fatty acids (which support long and healthy lives), B vitamins and folic acid. They are also a good source of minerals, like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine and are highly appealing to animal tastebuds.

Does your food contain GMOs, grains or hormones?
Our food does not contain GMOs, added grains, added sugars, added glycerin, growth promotants or hormones.

Our products

What is RawMix50™?
RawMix50™ is a tasty blend of 50% freeze-dried raw New Zealand meat & organs combined with 50% high protein meat and vege bites. It’s our specialty pet store range available in three recipes. 

What is a Meal / Mixer?
A Mixer (also known as a Topper or Booster) is added to your dog’s regular diet to give it a boost of taste and nutrition. Our mixer is 100% raw freeze-dried meat and organs with added vitamins and minerals. It’s loaded with protein and loaded with taste! Your dogs will love their regular food with an Animals Like Us Meal / Mixer sprinkled over the top.

Our Meal / Mixers are also complete and balanced and can be served as a regular diet.  They are a limited ingredient solution which makes them great for allergies, sensitive stomachs or particularly fussy dogs.

Like our RawMix50™, they can be served dry, or mixed with added water to create a gravy-like experience your dog can lap up.

What’s unique about your dog treats?
Our natural dog treats are 100% New Zealand raw freeze-dried organ meat and are designed to be used for training or snacks.   

Because they are organ meat – dogs go mental for them.  And because they are single ingredient, you can be confident your dog’s getting nothing but what it says on the front of the pack.  Which makes them great for allergies, sensitive stomachs and fussy dogs.


Is raw food really good for animals?
Your pet evolved from the wild and they’re designed to eat that way, which is why we use premium New Zealand fish, meat & organs.  The raw ingredients we use are first grade human quality meat, heart, liver, tripe, chicken and fish. It’s higher in protein and essential nutrients, and lower in carbs. Our raw product is freeze-dried, meaning we can offer the nutritional benefits of raw food in a safe and convenient way.

Is your raw freeze-dried food safe?
Yes, we use fresh raw wholefood natural ingredients, which are freeze-dried, then gently heated (75°C/ 167°F) to kill any nasty pathogens and ensure its safe for your pet to eat.

How should I handle your food?
When you’re done feeding your pet, as with any raw meat, ensure that you wash your hands and surfaces thoroughly. We also recommend keeping our food separate from any other food.

How should I store your food?
To maintain our food’s freshness and quality, we recommend that it is stored away from sunlight and kept air-tight once opened. It isn’t necessary to store the food in a refrigerator.


If you have any problems with your food or additional comments or questions?
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