They like to eat well.
Like us.

Your dog is built to eat mainly meat.

Our philosophy mirrors the foods dogs have evolved to eat, incorporating a nourishing balance of fresh raw meat, organs, vegetables & fruits (for fiber) in ratios that deliver nutrients naturally, in highly bio-available forms – so there’s no need for long lists of synthetic additives.

The grey wolf (Canis lupus) is the ancestor and closest relative of all domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris). Despite years of breeding, the internal workings of our domestic dogs remain the same as their wild cousins, so it’s no surprise their food requirements remain the same too.

In nature grey wolves derive their complete nutritional needs naturally by consuming whole animals, and get their vegetable intake (which provides necessary fiber) from eating the stomach contents of their herbivore prey.

Raw Made Easy

Raw is great, but it’s not convenient. Raw food takes space in your fridge, is messy, bloody, and can bring pathogens into your home.

To solve this, we freeze-dry chunks of meat and organs to lock in the nutrition but make it easy for you at home. Our freeze-dried process occurs at below-zero temperatures and retains 98% of its raw nutrition but weighs only 20% of its original weight. A little goes a long way as most of meat is moisture.

Improved digestion

Our recipes contain probiotics (good bacteria) and prebiotic fibre (feeds good bacteria) which work together to help optimise your dog’s health. Good news for healthy poos.

Skin health and shiny coats

Natural oils and omega fatty acids provide a healthy skin and shiny coat.

White teeth and good breath

Natural enzymes and ground bone promote clean teeth and mouth.

Increased vitality and energy levels

Meat and organs supports lean strong muscles, stamina and vitality.


High-protein ingredients in their natural state delivers best-in-class palatability for even the pickiest of eaters.

How our food is made

New Zealand natural nutrient-rich sourced ingredients

We start with sourcing fresh raw wholefood ingredients from New Zealand farms, orchards and oceans. Every batch of Animals Like Us is thoroughly tested before it leaves our kitchen to ensure it meets our quality and safety standards.

Gently freeze-dried to lock in nutrition and freshness

Our ingredients are flash frozen and placed in a vacuum chamber for freeze-drying. About 90% of the food’s moisture is drawn off by evaporating the ice at temperatures as low as -50°C.

Protected in moisture and oxygen proof packaging

Our freeze-dried ingredients are blended with oven baked bites to create a complete and balanced diet that exceeds the AAFCO nutritional standards. It is packed in moisture and oxygen proof packaging here in New Zealand to ensure freshness until opened.


How to feed your dog

How much should I feed my pet?
Please refer to our feeding guideline to calculate the right portion size for your dog

How often should I feed my pet?
You can feed your pet multiple times per day, simply split the amount listed on the feeding guidelines by the number of times you are feeding it.

Can I deviate from the feeding guidelines?
Our feeding guidelines are only estimates based on your pet’s life stage and weight; it’s important to monitor your pet and ensure it’s having a complete and fulfilling meal and hasn’t become underweight or overweight.

How do I switch to your food?
It’s important to slowly transition your pet from their current diet, as it takes a few days for their gut to adapt to our nutrient rich food. Please follow the transition guide on our packaging or on our website. Please remember, while switching to our food, your pet may experience loose stools – it this happens it should pass naturally in a day or so.

Should I give water with your food?
Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial components of your dog’s health; almost three quarters of your dog’s body is composed of water. This is why it’s incredibly important that you make fresh clean water available to your dog at all times. You don’t need to add it to the food, but you can if you wish.

Can I heat your food?
Heating our food isn’t harmful, but it will result in your dog not receiving the health benefits (such as beneficial enzymes) present in raw uncooked food.

How large is the scoop included with your food?
Our scoop holds around 60 grams and is equivalent to a standard ½-cup measure.

Can I feed your food to my puppy or senior dog?
Yes, our food is designed to be a complete and balanced diet for all breeds and all life stages. Please use our feeding guideline to calculate the precise diet for your pet.

Can your food be fed to pets with allergies?
While our food is not specifically formulated for pets with allergies, you may notice that many of the allergens present in commercial kibble or canned pet foods are not present in our food. If your pet is sensitive to allergens, we recommend that you check the ingredient list on the food’s packaging first.

Our Food

Is raw food really good for animals
We have worked closely with animal scientists who share our philosophy that a natural raw diet is nutritionally superior to a highly processed diet such as kibble-only. It’s higher in protein and essential nutrients, and lower in carbs. We believe in mirroring the natural world with our food, the wild ancestors of our domesticated dogs would have eaten their prey whole so we include organ meat because it’s a natural source of vital nutrients. Our raw product is freeze-dried, meaning we can offer the nutritional benefits of raw food in a safe and convenient way.

Is your food nutritionally complete?
Our Raw Blend recipes meet and exceed AAFCO requirements for nutritionally complete dog food for all breeds and all life stages.

Where is your food made?
Our food is made and packed in our home region of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Why does your food sometimes look different?
Because the ingredients we use are natural, they sometimes differ between batches, lots, or harvests. Think about carrots growing in a home garden – no two are going to be exactly the same. This variation carries over to our food and is a visual indication of how natural our food is. However, if you think something’s wrong with your batch of food, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do you ensure that your food is safe?
We employ a two-step batch testing regime when we receive the raw ingredients and then after freeze-drying to ensure the food is nutritious and safe. We don’t use a heat-based process as then the food wouldn’t be raw.

How should I handle your food?
When you’re done feeding your dog, ensure that you wash your hands and surfaces thoroughly. We also recommend keeping our food separate from any other food.

How should I store your food?
To maintain our food’s freshness and quality, we recommend that it is stored away from sunlight and kept air-tight once opened. It isn’t necessary to store the food in a refrigerator.

How long does your food last?
While we hope that your pet will love our food enough to eat it all quickly, one of the benefits of freeze-dried food is that it lasts for a long time without losing its nutritional value or becoming unsafe to eat. Our food lasts 12 months from when it’s manufactured without being opened – see the best before date on the pack. Once opened, it’ll last for 3 to 4 weeks if you keep it in its sealed packaging.

Can I use your food after the best before date?
We guarantee that our food will keep its nutritional value and flavour up to the best before date; once it has passed, we can no longer guarantee that our food is suitable.

What are the benefits of freeze-dried food?
Freeze-drying allows many of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes present in raw food to be preserved, meaning that a pet can receive nutritional benefits from them as they would in the wild. The flavour of raw meat is also preserved in the freeze-drying process, which makes it highly appealing to dogs, as they are biologically wired to love that taste. Finally, freeze-dried food is convenient to serve; it does not have to be refrigerated or frozen to maintain its quality and flavour.

What does freeze-drying food involve?
The freeze-drying process starts with food being frozen, causing moisture to become separated from the food’s ingredients. It is then heated slightly while air is sucked out of the chamber it’s in. This causes the water content to be converted to vapour and removed from the food, meaning that the food stays durable while retaining its natural flavours and nutrients.

Can your food be frozen?
We don’t recommend freezing our food, as we’ve designed it so its nutrients and flavour stay intact without it needing to be frozen.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
Our product is packaged in a soft plastic bag that protects it from the elements and is easy to open and close. Despite being plastic, our packaging is recyclable – click here for information about recycling collection points.

Can I return your food if I am unsatisfied with it?
Yes, we offer a guarantee that your dog will love it. If that isn’t the case, please contact us here.


Where are the ingredients in your pet food sourced from?
Everything we can sourced in New Zealand, we do. All the protein, is from New Zealand: our grass-fed lamb, beef, venison and cage-free chicken is sourced from ethical New Zealand farms, and our salmon is farmed sustainably in Marlborough. We source a small percentage of ingredients that are not readily available here, such as minerals and vitamin supplements, internationally.

Why does your product contain organ meat?
Organ meats are packed with nutrients such as Vitamin D (essential for your dog’s immune system functioning), omega fatty acids (which your dog needs for a long and healthy life), B vitamins and folic acid. They are also a good source of minerals, like phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine and are highly appealing to dogs’ tastebuds.

Does your food contain GMOs, grains or hormones?
Our food does not contain GMOs, added grains, added sugars, added glycerin, growth promotants, or hormones.

Why don’t you offer vegan food?
We believe that our diet should reflect what dogs are designed to eat in nature. Dogs, having evolved from the grey wolf, are biologically designed to eat a high-protein, whole-prey meat diet supplemented with vegetable matter.



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